Tuesday, August 11, 2009

grad school

Here's a graph I made representing how long I've been in grad school vs. how frequently i think about how much i might like to have some other sort of job.

I've been thinking of a new one every hour.

at least.

butcher? baker? candlestick maker?
record producer? I'm good at being the man.
secretary? I can type pretty fast. Detail oriented! (Sometimes)
Nature guide! I totally went hiking one time! I could probably figure out how to put up a tent, no problem. Fishing? meh, i can learn!
Farmer - I may kill all my plants, but that's probably because i'm so preoccupied.
and so on...


The Bek said...

A counselor, a friend, a therapist, a coach, a cheerleader, a cook, a philosopher.

Just some suggestions I could endorse.

The Bek said...

Cheerleader doesn't sound right in and of itself, but you know what I mean.