Wednesday, December 17, 2008


yeah i was doing so well for a while there updating stuff, oh well.

Today i want to talk about christmas.
Ok firstly, I celebrate christmas in the truly secular sense; I'm not a huge fan of that Jesus fellow. I love the caring, sharing, loving, helping, laughing, music, and general happiness that abounds this time of year. I LOVE CHRISTMAS.

One thing about christmas that i don't like is that it reminds me how terrible i am at making decisions. I always put off buying stuff until the last minute because I always think i will find something better, or more perfect, tomorrow. Then even if i DO decide on something, if there are options - say color or level of quality - then it's a whole other waiting game. I put things in my Amazon shopping cart for months - MONTHS - during the rest of the year. What i do at this time fo year is bring up lots of websites (thanks firefox for you tabbed browsing) and just LEAVE THEM OPEN... for days at a time ... trying to decide if this present or that present is the right one. Sigh.

yeah, i have one open now in another tab. Damn you, decisions!

Yes sometimes I think that future me will be smarter than present me. Buying gifts in an excellent example of that. Planning meals is another excellent example of that - what will i eat for dinner tomorrow night? Oh, i don't know, but i will know tomorrow!

On the flip side, sometimes i think past me is smarter than present me. When I get stuck when i'm writing (which is about all i do now a days), I will often go to previous drafts or other papers on similar topics and steal my own work - I paraphrase! - in order to help me get un-stuck. I think, "man, I was so smart back then, what happened?"

And now back to "Yay christmas!"
yay christmas!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekday Lunches

On days that i end up working from home, I'll usually have something other than a peanut-butter sandwich for lunch. Last week, I made an omelet for Evelyn for breakfast, and it looked so good, i made one for myself for lunch. Here it is, with the recipe following.

Spinach Omelet

1 8inch skillet (preferably nonstick)
two eggs (beaten, can add milk or water to thin if you want)
handful of fresh spinach leaves, chopped
1/4 cup diced onion (well a little bit anyway, to taste of course)
one small green pepper, diced (they were especially small at the growers market this week)
sprinkle of cheese
1 tbs olive oil

1. heat oil in the skillet on medium-high heat
2. add onion and peppers and cook until they get soft/translucent (In this case, I forgot about my pepper until after i'd already finished the rest, that's why it's on top - still good, though)
3. add spinach and allow to wilt (takes about 30 seconds)
4. spread the veggies evenly across bottom of the pan
5. add eggs
6. as it begins to set, pull an edge toward the center with a rubber spatula and allow some uncooked egg to run into newly vacated space in the skillet - repeat around the edges. Should take about 2 minutes total cooking time
7. flip omelet over (I usually use a big wide spatula for this)and allow to cook on the other side for another 30 seconds or so
8. sprinkle cheese on one side and fold over.
9. salt and pepper to taste, and enjoy!

Tuesday Dinners

Ok i've fallen WAY behind, but you know how the holidays get.

In case i've never told you before, a couple of friends (also moms) and I get together most Tuesday nights for a dinner exchange. We take turns every week and cook a vegetarian meal for all three families. One woman cooks, the other two babysit, but thankfully, the house where we typically do this has a nice open kitchen so we can still all chat. It is one of my favorite things that I do since i've moved down here. We start around 3:30, and usually have a totally prepared dinner by 5:30. This week i took some pictures of the festivities:

Here are the kids hanging out:

Charlotte helped prepare!

Anne made Veggie-Pot-Pie, and it was absolutely delicious. Here's the finished filling, which went into individual dishes with some pie crust on top:

I will try to steal the recipe from her, and when i do, I'll post that on here as well. As always, thanks for reading!