Saturday, January 23, 2010


Evey's been saying words that start with a /st/ sound by moving the initial /s/ sound to the end of the word. For example, the word stuck: "It tucks, mommy!" she says. There is certainly no rule in the english language to move initial phonemes to the end of words, so I'm wondering where this generalization comes from.

Also, when we ask her what she did today, she always says she has watched TV or watched a Movie. Even if she hasn't. She can even tell you what the movie was about, or what TV show she thinks she watched. Guess she's a tv lover!

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Lee said...

When we were working with a therapist to get Kevin's speech started, she said that words that start with 2 consonants are the hardest words to say. I wonder if she knows the word, can't get it to come out quite right, so she just makes sure she got all the letters in there. If so, she sounds pretty darn smart to me!