Monday, November 17, 2008

alone time

so on saturday night, Jason went with our friend Chris to the Florida State game. The game was at 8, so they left around 6:30. As Evelyn goes to bed around 7, this meant i had an evening alone. What's a girl to do?

If you thought to yourself, hmm... what would i do on an evening alone with no husband? i would imagine you came up with answers like this:
- drank lots of red wine
- watch girly romantic movies
- watch some tv show that boys can't stand (like project runway, any makeover show, or the food network)
- call up some girlfriends and hang out
- do your nails

those would all have been excellent options. However, let me tell you what i DID do.
1. did dishes
2. cleaned the kithen
3. sharpened my knives
4. scrubbed the fronts of kitchen cabinets
5. cleared clutter from the bedroom
6. cleaned the living room
7. re-organized evelyn's toys
8. had a glass of red wine
9. numbers 6-8 all while watching the FSU football game.

So i did get one of those in... jut not in the way one might expect.

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