Friday, November 7, 2008


I've been thinking about the tv i watch and thought i'd talk about that for a minute. Right now shows that are on the air that i watch fall into 5 basic categories. I love it, I catch it, I tolerate it, I hate it, and i probably would like it if i watched it so i'm not going to. Some exemplars of each category follow:

a few examples of Love it shows:
I mean really, why argue. It slipped into the "tolerate it" section for a while last season, but has redeemed itself. I'm excited to find out what happens again. It's a long way from "wtf! was that a giant polar bear? Did he just get eaten by SMOKE? WHAT IS GOING ON???" but is still excellent - i mean "he changed the rules" ??? What did that mean? love this show.

30 Rock

This show really grew on me. I watched the first episode and didn't really like it, but came back for more and it is so hilarious! This week a character said "hypothetical situations are like lying to your brain!" I mean, come on, that's was clearly the most hilarious thing i've heard all day.

The Office
I'm not a total die hard fan like some people, but this show is too funny to miss. If i do, then i don't understand half of the things that are said to me at work the next day. Hopefully I've caught 30 rock if i miss the office, because otherwise i wouldn't understand the other half of things people say to me.

Pushing Daisies

it's so good. It's so fun, so witty, clever, quirky, quick and BEAUTIFUL. Plus Jim Dale narrates. Fabulous. While it's not the show that I quote the next day, somehow they manage to make killing off at least one person every week not at all gruesome, but instead interesting, funny, and charming.

Catch it:

I love this show. However, it's not something that i have to watch every Wednesday night. Rather, its something that when i see is on, or worse a Marathon is on, i can't seem to turn it off. Highly addicting, fun, and semi-scientific.

Tweener shows
Hannah Montanna and iCarly are the best, but also like Wizards of Waverly place, Drake and Josh, even sometime life with derek. I love these shows. If i'm just done and can't think anymore these are the best outlet for me. Maybe it reminds me of the days when i was in highschool and didn't have to worry about electric bills, 401ks that are shrinking, life insurance, and medical bills.

Tolerate it: Lately MANY shows have slipped into this area. in example:

I'm hooked on the characters, somewhat, but this season they've all gone crazy! For example, one character has a "vision" of what the future could be like, and another character somehow is teleported in space and time into that version of the future - where, big surprise here - pretty much everyone we know in it dies. Oh, but remember it's a vision, so now worries, everyone's actually still around. Yeah that's annoying. Hate that.

it's like a soap opera for boys. Overly dramatic, a new person who has a new mysterious power every week, which somehow will inevitably end up endangering Chloe, Lois, Lana, or one of the other regulars, and which Clark will inevitably end up rescuing. Redeeming value? Tom Welling.

Enough said.

Hate it:
Higglytown Heroes

when we wake up in the morning, sometimes I'll turn on the TV to help us move more smoothly - Evelyn is distracted by the tv and so I don't have to hold her and can pee, brush my teeth, and even sometimes get dressed. Unfortunately for us, the show that seems to be on at our "get ready" time is Higglytown Heroes. Let me explain the setup of this - abomination of a tv show. There are these little - russian nesting doll sorts of creatures. See below:They manage to get themselves in all sorts of 'hopeless' situations, and then have a 'hero' rescue them. Here was the plot this morning. A famous author comes to higglytown, and everyone wants to see her! They don' t have enough food for the party so they call the pizza man. He bakes a giant pizza and delivers it by helicopter, but the rope breaks and the giant pizza lands on top of the library, covering it completely with the famous author inside. Then they sing some terrible little song, and a "hero" shows up - this time a crane operator, who somehow lifts the pizza from the library - day saved. The show sucks.

Shows that I don't watch because I'd be hooked immediately if i did:
Best example, Grey's anatomy. I'm sure i'd love this show if i did ever watch it, but i haven't yet, so here's hoping!

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