Wednesday, December 17, 2008


yeah i was doing so well for a while there updating stuff, oh well.

Today i want to talk about christmas.
Ok firstly, I celebrate christmas in the truly secular sense; I'm not a huge fan of that Jesus fellow. I love the caring, sharing, loving, helping, laughing, music, and general happiness that abounds this time of year. I LOVE CHRISTMAS.

One thing about christmas that i don't like is that it reminds me how terrible i am at making decisions. I always put off buying stuff until the last minute because I always think i will find something better, or more perfect, tomorrow. Then even if i DO decide on something, if there are options - say color or level of quality - then it's a whole other waiting game. I put things in my Amazon shopping cart for months - MONTHS - during the rest of the year. What i do at this time fo year is bring up lots of websites (thanks firefox for you tabbed browsing) and just LEAVE THEM OPEN... for days at a time ... trying to decide if this present or that present is the right one. Sigh.

yeah, i have one open now in another tab. Damn you, decisions!

Yes sometimes I think that future me will be smarter than present me. Buying gifts in an excellent example of that. Planning meals is another excellent example of that - what will i eat for dinner tomorrow night? Oh, i don't know, but i will know tomorrow!

On the flip side, sometimes i think past me is smarter than present me. When I get stuck when i'm writing (which is about all i do now a days), I will often go to previous drafts or other papers on similar topics and steal my own work - I paraphrase! - in order to help me get un-stuck. I think, "man, I was so smart back then, what happened?"

And now back to "Yay christmas!"
yay christmas!!!

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