Sunday, January 3, 2010

That's what she said

Evey's talking up quite a storm. Earlier this week she ran to me and said -

Ev: "Mommy, I can't go in there because of the dragon."
Me: "Dragon? what dragon?"
Ev: "the scary dragon. He's playing with my toys!"
Me: "Oh! well, that's nice of you to let him play with your toys."
Ev: "no. SCARY dragon."

We can't figure out where the dragon came from. But he's popping up everywhere lately. Once earlier this week she brought up the dragon again. This time I got her to tell me a whole story, with a bit of prompting. I inserted my prompts in parentheses.

(once upon a time there was a....) ... a scary Lola! She said 'BOO!' 'Boo, Charlie BOOOOOOO!" then JUMP! Lola Jumped. Then a scary dragon jumped, then down skipped the dragon - like Lotta.

(*Then what happened?) Then mommy water skipped - jump, jump! The dragon jumped INTO MOMMY'S WATER!" (what kind of dragon was it?) "It was a tiny baby dragon!"

(what does he like to do?) "He likes to crash into houses! It's not nice. I said 'that's not nice, dragon'" (what does the dragon eat?) "He likes to eat breakfast and he likes to eat... PIZZA! and he Splashed into mommy's water and then had a drink. And mommy's water jumped!
(what color was the dragon?) It's was a white dragon with green eyes. No, with WHITE eyes. It was a BIG dragon.

Then she took my pen and wanted to write 'dragon' herself. Dragons. Go figure.

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Jenny said...

Trogdor the Burninator?