Friday, October 17, 2008


today is jason's birthday. True to my craziness, i basically forgot to have a party for him. I did manage to invite a couple of people over, but VERY last minute. I only know for likely that 2 of them are coming, so talk about lame-o, how much do i suck?!

Today when i dropped evey offa t school, she was being really clingy so i hung with her for a good 30 minutes before i left. I'm being that mom! Sorry to my daughters teachers. Oh one of the teachers in her room has a son who is exactly one day older than Evey, AND he was also born on his due date. Crazy! He goes to school at the TCC center, but she works at Eveys' school, so i'm not sure what that means, other than that she's smart not to have her kid enrolled the same room where she works.

We're doing lunch for jason's birthday today, so i'm sure i'll have fun and have more things to write later.

i really thought i was going to be much wittier on here, perhaps i just need to drink more coffee.

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