Thursday, October 23, 2008


today for dinner i made turkey in the crock pot. A deceptively simple meal. As i'm trying to log all the randomness of my life here's the recipe:

deceptively simple turkey dinner
2 turkey breast halves from publix on sale
some olive oil
1/2 cup of chicken broth
1/2 bag of frozen green beans
3 big carrots peeled and chopped in big pieces
2 cloves of garlic peeled and halved
some spices (rosemary and thyme plus salt and pepper)

1) remember to make dinner before noon
2) find crock pot
3) figure out some way to entertain child while you climb on the counters to reach the crock pot
4) when that doesn't work, try not to fall while listening to child scream because you left her on the floor while you did something cool (how dare you)
5) take cover off crock pot and throw to child in hopes of entertaining her while you get the crock pot set up
6) when that doesn't work, put child in high chair and gi ve her something that you shouldn't (for example, an unpeeled carrot) so she can watch you cook
7) while handling raw turkey breast the child will inevitably drop something that will make her scream. Endure until you can wash your hands.
8) put turkey in crock pot and wash hands.
9) peel and chop carrots, cutting on the side of your body so child can see
10) smash garlic with side of knife. If you're lucky this will be highly entertaining to child.
11) add other ingredients hastily
12) give up and take child out of high chair
13) don't forget to turn ON the crock pot (Cook on low, and until you're ready to eat it, but for at least 4 hours)

oh but wait! there's more!

14) realize at 5:30 that you don't have stuffing or cranberry sauce, both of which would be remarkably yummy with turkey
15) go to publix all together and hunt down said ingredients
16) realize that you also need beer - because when don't you need beer
17) agonize over which beer to try while child enjoys waving at strangers and playing with beer bottles in boxes
18) go home and serve! (and good luck getting child to eat anything but the cranberry sauce)

and that's it! just 18 easy steps and you too can have this yummy meal!

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