Tuesday, October 21, 2008

once upon a cd...

here's the story:

I was re-reading Twilight (Stephenie Meyer) again - I started it about a week ago. At the same time jason had left a CD in the player by the band Muse. He had played some of their stuff for me before, and I wasn't a huge fan, it's really dark... unomfortably so sometimes - actually at times it encroaches on metal. But for whatever reason I left it play - Oh wait i know the reason, i was really mad about some lame school thing. Anyway, so i was listening to it and was struck by how much the music kept reminding me of the books - the whole series really. Basically, the sentiments and emotions in the music were very reminiscent of the Twilight books. Creepily so. I didn't think it was possible to have music remind you of a book but it REALLY did.

So I just wallowed in that idea for about 5 days, and finally told jason what I'd been thinking about the music/book connection - thinking he'd tell me i was crazy. BUT he just said "yes." This intrigued me. So I pushed, and he explained that apparently Stephenie Meyer listened to them A LOT while writing the books! She even thanked them in the acknowledgments sections of the last 3 books - i believe at one point saying something like "Did I mention Muse yet? Muse Muse Muse - I could not have written these books without the genius that is Muse"!

Can you believe that music can sound like a book? If you've read them, or if you're going to, i challenge you to have a listen to them and see if you think the same thing. Although maybe now that you know the connection you wont' hear it... Here's the link to their website - http://www.muse.mu/index.php . And for the well informed or the just curious, the CD that first caused this reaction was Black holes and Revelations, but we also have Absolution, which also does the same thing.

happy listening!

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