Thursday, October 16, 2008


So how the heck did it get to be october? That's all I'll say about that. Kind of makes the name of the post lame though.
Today was Evelyn's third day of school. She seems to really like it. When we were in the car i said "do you want to go to school?" and she got very happy and tried to get out of her car seat. She pointed all the way to her classroom door and laughed when we got inside. So far so good...

Also today, as a hallmark of how scatterbrained I am at the moment, several things happened:
1) i packed evey a peanut butter sandwich for lunch, even though they're not allowed at her school (oops)
2) I forgot to eat breakfast until 10
3) I made coffee, but forgot to turn the coffee pot on this morning. sigh.
4) Left my phone in the house when i took evey to school and had to run back in for it.
5) also found that i left her pancakes that i made for her breakfast on the counter - but didn't notice until i got home from taking her to school which i had to do because:
6) that was without me actually getting ready, but just pulling on jeans, a t-shirt, flip flops, and a hair tie being as i haven't showered in I think 3 days.
7) even though i can take her as early as 7, we didn't get to school until 9:15.
7) I left my purse - with my wallet in it - at work yesterday. Frantically searched for it for about 30 minutes before I asked jason to look for it for me. He found it of course.
8) I just used the number 7 twice.
9) and it's not even noon yet. Or wait, yes it is.

so this is not for you to pity me or feel sorry or get depressed - just laugh at me, that's why i'm doing this. I will laugh at me and will be more likely to laugh at me with your help.

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