Friday, October 24, 2008

woah! where did the time go?

A couple of years ago, some of you may remember a little flash game involving a yeti, some penguins, a bat, and great sound effects. (for the curious or just nostalgic for the easier days that were 2 years ago - here's a link to the game - ). That was pretty much my first foray into flash games. For the most part, i find them boring and not as addicting as they are hyped to be.

Today i have an exception - my friend Jo sent me this link.
There are no instructions, you just have to start playing. It is incredibly addicting, and although there are no yeti (plural of yeti is yeti?) or penguins, and the sound effects aren't quite as fun, it does have monkeys, coin, upgrades, strategy, and balloon popping.

i mean really, how much more fun could you cram into a game?

I would bet that if you begin playing this game, as you try to figure out what the heck is going on, and begin to be successful, you'll all the sudden look up and it will be dark outside - unless it was dark out when you started playing, in which case... well you know. Playing this game is kind of like reading a Dan Brown book - the chapters are really short so you think "well, just one more chapter" and then all the sudden you have read the whole book. In this game, the levels take between 20 second and 1 minute so you always think 'just one more'...

Sorry to give you a time waster, but really i think we all need to waste a little time now and then - especially at midnight on Thursday apparently.

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The Bek said...

Bloons and Bloons Tower Defense are a lot of fun. There are quite a few of these sites now that serve up all kinds of in-browser flash games. Many of them are super, super addicting.

Personally, I use for my time wasting (you'll see a lot of the games on multiple sites). And I like Desktop Tower Defense 1.5 the best of the "tower defense" games, of which there are many.

Kongregate is kind of cool because you can create a profile and earn achievements and stuff. There are little chat rooms and whatnot.