Wednesday, October 22, 2008

october road

Today i've been thinking about voting -
I kind of wish it was on a lickert scale - like a 1-5 sort of thing, with the scale being:
1) i hate this person with every fiber of my being
2) not voting for you that's for sure
3) undecided
4) s/he's ok, or at least better than the alternative
5) holy god i love this person please please please let her/him win!

so you cast a vote for every candidate. But can choose to not vote for any candidate (#3), AND the "holy god"s count more than the "s/he's ok"s. Plus, the "i hate"s and the "not voting"s count as negative1 and negative 2.

This was all brought on by trying to figure out who to vote for in the more local elections, when you have a hard time figuring out what the people stand for, and an equally hard time figuring out what the heck their responsibilities would be, and far less time to even look it up. We've got a nice liberal website called "progress florida" that goes through and suggests who to vote for based on who is the most in line with liberal issues.

But jason has helped the most because he can find ANYTHING on the internet. Literally anything. My favorite story is when he was sharing an office with a tech-savvy guy who wanted to find something online. After nearly an hour of searching finally asked jason if he could please look for it. He found it of course - but in like 2 minutes. That's when we decided that finding things on the internet is jason's superpower.

he also has the superpower of being able to eat/drink smoothies and milkshakes wicked fast without getting brain freeze - he is completely immune to these nasty cold-related headaches. Me, i take one sip a little bit too big and i'm in agony - jumping up and down or trying to warm up the roof of my mouth to make them go away, squinting all the while. When we get smoothies together he's done before i've gotten less than 1/4 the way through. He's often heard to say things like "you still have that thing?" and "you're not done yet?" to me on such occasions.

On the note of smoothies - why do they only come in gargantuan size. here are your options at our local smoothie place - 42oz cup or no smoothie. Seems like they could come up with some sort of halfway. Granted they do have kid sizes, but the kid smoothies suck (strawberries and ice, chocolate and banana, or something else lame). and the few times i've asked for a normal smoothie in kid size, i've gotten a big one anyway. Plus i'm annoyed at the whole 'smoothies are good for you' thing when they put a quarter of a cup of raw sugar in every one. How can that be good for you?

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