Thursday, October 30, 2008


yesterday Evey's school called me and said that she was running a fever so i went to pick her up early. She had a big halloween festival at school that afternoon and we had to miss it so we were sad. Instead, Evey and I came home, she took a nap, and then Jason came home and we went for a walk around lake Ella. The Grower's market was in full swing, with tons of vendors and people - it was beautiful! there were sweet potatoes, cranberries, lettuces, garlic, greens, honey, wine, clams, and even someone selling clothes! We forgot it was market day and only had 2 dollars so i re-stocked my garlic and we moved on. We got some Pumpkinlicious ice cream from Barb's Brittles - which Evey loved, and then walked on home.
wow. Lamest story ever.

Hopefully we'll carve pumpkins tonight! Now we just have to decide what to carve... When i was a kid, everyone in my family had to draw a design, then we posted them on the door anonymously and voted on what we liked the best. Oh, now we didn't just vote for #1 or #5, we had separate categoies for eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows, and other. I remember always being a freak about it saying "we CAN'T put the eyes from #2 with the mouth from #6! They'd look terrible together!!" and i say it was anonymous but with 3 1/2 years, 2 years, and 18 months between the kids, plus the familiarity of your parents handwriting, it was always pretty easy to tell whose was whose - for me anyway. I probably always voted for my own - i honestly can't remember. I think i was such a brat when i was younger that i have blocked most of my childhood from my mind.

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